Commercial Factory, Shed, Garage and Man Cave Lighting Solutions

Lighting options have evolved and quite rapidly over the last few years. With advanced progression in technology we now have some great options when it comes time to light up that new shed. Perhaps your commercial factory is continually requiring lighting maintenance, or it may be time to revamp the garage lighting, it could even be that the long waited mancave is now a reality and needs some illumination.

LEDs leading the way

Gone are the days of fluorescent lighting and gas ionisation lighting such as metal halide and mercury vapour type lamps. This lighting served us for many decades and, while it was great at the time, the lighting was unnatural, unreliable and most importantly not very efficient. And then the LED was perfected, produced on a mass scale and transformed into lighting types of all forms. These days LED lighting is part of our everyday life, from the lights on your new Toyota Camry, to the LED strip lighting underneath your overhead cupboards in your kitchen, and even the lights that light up your Christmas tree. Sheds and garages these days also utilise this technology. With LED hi bays and LED battens taking prime position in the choices for lighting up our trophy cabinets (car garages) and homes away from home (tool sheds). LED Hi bays and battens lead the way with regards to efficacy, efficiency, reliability and value for money. They also provide a more natural light with less hum and more money in your pocket when that inevitable electricity bill hits your email inbox.

Need help lighting up your man cave?

Here at Watts Up we are frequently upgrading old garages and sheds with LED Hi bays and battens and whenever a client comes to us with a new commercial warehouse, factory, shed or garage build we will always recommend and install these. Our clients are always pleasantly surprised with the result and we are both left with the peace of mind that their lighting will be maintenance free for a considerable length of time which is another added bonus.

by Jonathan Clark

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